Real HCG Drops for Weight Loss: Ultimate Guide

Overweight is unfortunately a very common problem nowadays. Not all people can afford active lifestyle – and because of that, researchers have to find new diets and medications on a constant basis. As with any popular product on the market, people sell weight loss treatment methods with no clinical evidence of their effectiveness. This is definitely not the case with HCG protocol, which is one of the most effective ways to change the way of how your body responds to excessive amount of fat.

However, even though the method itself has proved to be great (HCG has a half-century track record of its successful effect of weight loss), some counterfeits often appear on the market. You will need to understand what real HCG drops are and where to find them, and our website will help you.

We reviewed all major

HCG drops brands.

Here is what we’ve found out:

Our bodies have learned to store fat as an energy source for centuries. This was relevant long time ago, but not now, when people can afford quality, healthy food. HCG drops can help by ‘telling’ your organism to actually convert extra fat into energy and not store it. The hormone affects our brain (more specifically, hypothalamus) and makes it boost the metabolism. So, to put it simple, the intake of calories is about 500-700 per day, and drops target the fat you already have stored in your body. This is why HCG is so effective even after you stop taking it – your body knows already how to deal with excess fat.

What is HCG?

HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone produced during pregnancy. Luckily, it can be synthetized in lab. What is even more important, unlike many other supplements, HCG drops are effective for both men and women.

HCG is an extremely effective weigh loss method, however you will need to take care of two things:

  1. Make sure you buy real HCG drops (find more about this below)
  2. Follow a diet when taking HCG – this will increase drops’ effectiveness dramatically.

HCG drops – how to choose?

First of all, congratulations on taking this very first step! You may think that your journey is only starting, and it's true, but you have already done a great job by choosing the best method to cut excess weight. Unfortunately, too many people never end up taking a real action, but constantly read reviews, researches, etc. So, part of your journey is already behind if you decided to read further. Before taking HCG, it’s important that you pick the right product. Currently there’s a plethora of different HCG drops and we will do our best to guide you and help pick the right ones for you.

Consider US-based ​companies only

First thing you should know: buy only from US-based sellers and drops which are produced in the US. This way, you will be sure that solution you buy is manufactured according to FDA-approved process and meets highest quality standards.

Don't get into the trap of buying a cheaper product from shady overseas outfit. It really is cheaper compared to the drops from legit sellers, but the risk of taking unknown substance is huge. Not only there will be no HCG inside (which means it will be absolutely useless to help with your goal of losing weight), but its contents can be harmful for your health.

The company you buy from should have a support number or online chat where qualified professionals will be ready to answer all your questions.​

Pharmaceutical-grade HCG only

Secondly, you only want pharmaceutical-grade HCG. It’s the purest kind of HCG.

However, you have to be careful – first, you need to make sure you buy non-homeopathic HCG – it’s not effective due to low concentration of active factor, and sometimes can be even harmful. Homeopathic HCG (banned by FDA) is advertised as effective, but that is not how it is in reality. Many studies have shown no real presence of HCG in these products. In fact, the effect of these drops is same as placebo, which, according to recent researches, is only ¼ of what people using taking real HCG can reach. What is even worse, after taking these homeopathic drops, that little amount of weight that was lost due to placebo effect, will come back very soon.

Please see our comparison table of major HCG drops available today:

Complex Diet Drops
HCG Complex
HCG Triumph
HCG Complex
NuImage Medical
HCG Complex
Real HCG
Effective 99.4% 89.8% 81.5%
Our rating
Reorder rate 98% 79% 59%
Return Policy (30 days)
Best price $69 $79 $249
Price/Quality 10/10 9/7 4/3
Where to buy?

Drops or injections?

When it comes to real non-homeopathic HCG, you basically have two options – drops or injections. It’s a common stereotype that the latter are more effective. However, that is not true – drops (assuming they are real hCG drops) and injections are the same when comparing their effectiveness. This is determined by the way the drops are applied – placing them under tongue for half-a-minute makes them absorb very fast through the soft tissue directly to the bloodstream. In addition to that, products like Complex Diet Drops could provide virtually the same amount of actual hormone as injections.

Drops are the most convenient way to take HCG, because to make injections you will need to visit a doctor (not all people can do vein shots) – this option is also more expensive. Not only the product itself costs more, you will need to spend extra on the clinical treatment. Another thing – for best effect, drops are applied 3 times a day, which makes injections not very user-friendly in comparison. Make sure to read our detailed review of both pros and cons of each of these options.

Where to buy authentic HCG drops?

​You can find the drops in registered pharmacies, retail stores, or online. The last option is the most convenient since you have all the information at you fingertips, can order a product in a few clicks, and all your questions answered on manufacturer's official website.

In 2011 FDA took down several fake HCG drops manufacturers (they were required to close their operation) and ​required all others who don't put HCG in their drops to state it clearly. However, some companies still put what they call homeopathic HCG in the product. This is why you need to research carefully what you will be taking. Products reviewed on this site have proved to be effective for many people who took them or continue to take.

Usually, drops are available for purchase online. At least some of the best you can purchase online only. Below you can find a detailed comparison table of the best HCG drops available on the market today.

Also, when purchasing, pay attention to return policies the seller offers. Reputable and legit companies have these policies in place since they’re sure in the quality of product they offer. HCG drops we review on this site are real and their manufacturers are checked by thousands of happy buyers.

How to use HCG drops?

Although there can be a very minor difference in instructions on how to take your drops, the general recommendations are:

  1. Not to eat half-an-hour (30 minutes) BEFORE taking your drops;
  2. Not ​to eat half-an-hour (30 minutes) AFTER taking your drops;
  3. Place the drops under your tongue for 1-2 minutes for maximum absorption, swallow what is left.

Again, please read the instructions on the packaging for the product you choose.

What makes HCG diet so effective?

It’s a combination of HCG and diet. But, jokes apart, it’s true. From one side, HCG targets only fat, not reducing your muscular tissue (unlike many other weigh loss solutions).

Please note that you should avoid exercising for the duration of your HCG diet. Find more about this in our blog post.

From the other side, without proper diet HCG is not that effective. This is basically a low-calorie diet (you need to make sure you don’t exceed 500-700 calories a day). You may ask if it's safe to take only this amount (it's a known fact that a healthy person needs 2,000 calories per day). However, the drops will burn additional 1,500 calories from fat you have already. There are people who increase the calorie limit to 1,000 or even 1,200 calories per day and still loose weight with the help of HCG, but their success rates are much lower, so we recommend to stick with lower numbers.

The diet is also relatively easy to follow – you will need a good range of proteins and good amount of fruits and vegetables. The good news is that you will notice positive results almost immediately after taking HCG – your feel better by losing excess weight and your motivation will grow. As a result, same diet will be much easier to follow when you lose weight on a daily basis.

The diet consists of 3 stages​ and will take around 6 weeks to accomplish. Anyway, you will see real results starting from week 2 and 3. You can read more about the diet here. A general recommendation is to take the drops 30 minutes before eating (3 times per day) and when you're hungry. Up to 6 intakes per day are optimal. By the way, feeling hungry means that your body burns more fat. HCG will reduce the hunger feeling as much as possible, but you can still experience it.

So, combined with diet, HCG drops allow to cut 4x times more fat when compared to cases, where the same diet was applied with no HCG. In addition, HCG makes this diet much easier, since when more fat is burned, you will have more energy, so the effect adds up.​ But, remember, that following the diet is essential for success. HCG drops won't work well without diet and vice versa.

What results you can expect?

​On average, people who take real drops containing pure hCG and follow the diet plan carefully, are losing around 20-30 pounds of excess fat. This is for a cycle of 6 weeks. After some time, and rest, you can repeat and start another cycle.

However, this depends greatly on a person, adherence to the diet, medical condition, metabolism, lifestyle, activity, etc. HCG diet has proved to be working even for people with diabetes. Below you can read some reviews from people about using HCG drops for weight loss.

Result: 13 lbs in 21 days. I have started to see dramatic changes in the middle of week 2. At the time of writing, I am still underway, but results are very promising so far.

Update after 3 weeks: Feeling much better and lost additional ​9 lbs, so 22 in total, for the first run of the diet. Once done with the diet, I've started exercising again and workouts are much more effective.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The diet was a bit strict for me in the beginning, especially after 1st week "Loading days", but I got used to it, AND I don't have much experience dieting, so maybe it's just me. As a result, during the diet and taking the drops, I've lost about 24 lbs. When done I still limit myself a bit in terms of food, but nothing special, and weight doesn't seem to come back.

Columbus, OH

hCG drops was definitely not the first weight loss supplement I took, but definitely one of the best. The cost is very reasonable and diet was easy to follow. I've lost about 10 lbs in first 3 weeks, but as diet continues, I've lost another 18, which makes it 28 - not bad! I've read a lot of websites that promised more than 2 lbs per day, but this seems not true. However, I'm more than happy with my progress so far.

Carol M.
Toronto, Canada


Real HCG drops, purchased from a legit company (and not from some shady overseas sellers), combined with right diet, is one of the most effective methods to lose body fat in a relatively short term. Usually, the diet lasts for 1 month. After this term your body already knows how to burn fat the right way, so for some time even when you don’t take HCG drops you will continue to loose weight. Considering your muscles will be in the same condition like they were before the diet, and it will be easier for you to work out. This is a very affordable weight loss method and unlike many others, provides real measurable results.

Please consult with your doctor before starting the diet, along with HCG to make sure you’re in the right physical condition. However, experience has shown that people succeed with HCG diet no matter what health issues they have. The only way to success with HCG diet is using real HCG drops and not homeopathic counterfeits, which pale in comparison.

Disclaimer: purchase HCG drops at your own discretion and based on your own research and decision. Don't consider information above as an ultimate medical advice.​

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