Exercising While on HCG Diet: Pros and Cons

For people who would like to lose weight at the soonest possible time, the HCG diet may be the best solution available. People usually report that they are able to lose weight without having to exercise which can be a good thing for people who do not want to exercise but a bad thing for people who do would like to exercise while losing weight.

According to the manual of the HCG diet, people are not recommended to do very hard exercises this is because of the food consumption that the HCG diet requires. People are only recommended to take 500 calories per day and adding exercise to the calorie intake can be a bit difficult to do. This means that trying to work out while doing the HCG diet can be very hard for a lot of people especially because they do not have a lot of energy.

Still, this does not mean that people cannot do all exercises while they are doing the diet yet people should probably stick to the very simple exercises.

Advantages of Exercising

  • Skin Becomes Firmer โ€“ While doing the HCG diet, there is a chance that people are going to have loose and sagging skin, this can be avoided by doing little exercises from time to time.
  • Forget Food Cravings โ€“ There are instances when people just cannot help but cheat while undergoing the diet. Exercising can help people forget about their food cravings and just focus on losing weight.
  • No Pause โ€“ If you were exercising before, taking HCG won't require you to pause your workouts - this means you will maintain your form.

Disadvantages of Exercising

  • Not Enough Energy โ€“ A lot of people who are undergoing the HCG diet do not have the energy to just exercise to their heartโ€™s content. The amount of calories that they are taking cannot coincide with exercising.
  • Can Cause Bloating โ€“ This is especially true when people do exercises that their bodies are not familiar with. The tears in the muscles will cause the body to retain more fluids and will therefore make peopleโ€™s pounds higher when they step on the weighing scale. Doing unfamiliar exercises while doing the diet can cause people to become disheartened.

Aside from the things that are mentioned above, there may still be other advantages and disadvantages that people ought to know about exercising while doing the HCG diet. Paying attention to these things will help people decide if they are going to risk exercising and doing other strenuous activities while doing this type of diet or not.


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