HCG Diet – Phase 1

Phase 1 is also known as the first stage of the HCG diet. This is usually the stage wherein people have decided on trying out the diet is just starting. People also call the first stage of the diet “Loading Days.” Basically, this is the stage when people can eat anything that they want and as much as they want. People are usually recommended to eat food products that they know they will not be able to eat when they move on to the next stage of the diet. Phase 1 usually takes 2 days. So this means that on the first and second day of the diet, anything that people are craving or would like to eat will be eaten. These are the food products that can be eaten for two days. On the third day, this type of loading up on food products would end.

Recommended Food

Here are just some of the recommended food products:

  • Fried Chicken – If you are allergic to chicken or you are not into eating chicken that much, you may choose to eat any fried food products.
  • Pizzas – If you would choose pizzas that have a lot of meat and cheese content, this will be good enough.
  • Potato Chips – Are you always trying to stay away from potato chips because you are on a diet? You should know now that you have the chance to eat potato chips for two whole days. You can eat as much as you want.

Aside from the food products mentioned above, other food that people crave can be eaten provided that they will stop on the third day.

The main reason why phase 1 should take place is in order to store fat that the body will need to lose in order to work. At the same time, having enough food in the system will help the body realize that the body is not starving and will not digest food products and fat little by little. Instead, it will continue with its usual metabolism so when people move on to phase 2, the progress will be faster.

Of course, the phase 1 of the diet is also the start of taking the HCG injections. There are some people who are a bit unsure with when they should take the injections. Some people take it once in the morning and once at night if they would need two injections a day. Those who only need one injection can choose to take it any time of the day as long as it would be taken consistently.

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