HCG for Men: Advantages and Side Effects

When it comes to HCG diet we know that it's mostly used by women. However, studies have shown that HCG hormone can also be used by men for weight loss purposes.  Some men are however hesitant about the fact that taking HCG is not for them, mainly because it's hormone that is produced in woman's body during pregnancy.

When it comes to weight loss, HCG works perfectly fine both on women and on men. Result is same - they lose weight. However, there are some minor differences in the trajectory of the process, but they are not related to HCG itself. It’s just how men's and women's bodies work. By default, there is higher fat percentage in woman's body. Women also tend to gain weight faster.  Men, however, lose fat at on a faster pace.

Men with high obesity levels have their hormones messed up - estrogen level is high and testosterone level is low, while it should be opposite. HCG helps to reboot the balance and get back to normal weight.

Many men are concerned about possible sexual health problems when taking HCG. However, as studies have shown, due to the very moderate dose of HCG taken while on diet, which is about 150 to 200 UI per day, there is no effect neither on general health, nor sexual health of a male.

On the positive side, as mentioned above, since men tend to lose weight faster, HCG in any form, whether it's drops, pellets or injections, improves metabolism, and men often receive better results than women when it comes to HCG diet.

HCG and Testosterone

HCG therapy is used by many clinics and doctors as fertility treatment. Not only does it increase sperm count, but also improves libido, and therefore, sexual desire.

Doctors can also prescribe HCG to men with testosterone deficiency. That’s because HCG is very similar to luteinizing hormone, or simply LH, that boosts testosterone production. With age, starting in late 30’s or early 40’s, testosterone production in men’s weakens. The process is gradual, so men don’t usually notice a difference by the time they hit 50’s. But, when taking a while a comparing yourself to 20 years ago, you will see big difference, such as lower libido, less energy. etc. HCG can be used to speed things up.

As a result, due to increased testosterone production, HCG helps men improve their workout results. Percentage of body fat decreases, which gives additional testosterone boost, think of it as a snowball effect.

At the same time, testosterone boost that HCG provides is just to start feeling better in the gym and in your life overall, but is within the safe limit. It’s no comparison to unhealthy and agressive free testosterone therapy and levels where it brings your T.

Many men who don’t do enough research and want fast results (and they don’t care about harm the can do to their health) try to achieve this with heavy steroid use, which is a big no-no.

There’s another known side effect to this kind of testosterone supplementation - the body stops to produce its own testosterone because it’s already available in great amount, and once this ‘treatment’ is over, it won’t produce it on the same level as before. As a result, hormone level drops to its lowest amount ever, and effect is actually detrimental. In case with HCG, there’s less stress for body since the increase in testosterone production is gradual.

Side effects of taking HCG for men

There’s no treatment without side effects, but in case with HCG, they are related not to hormone itself, but rather a body switching into fat-burning mode. Possible symptoms may include:

  • headaches
  • lack of energy
  • swelling in the place of injection
  • dizziness

Usually, the symptoms disappear within first couple of days, but can last for up to a week in some cases. If it’s longer for you, please consult with your doctor.

What form of HCG is better for men?

Again, it’s a question of personal preference. We still consider injections as the most effective type of hormone. If you don’t like the idea of injecting yourself, drops can be a great alternative, and still very effective.